Despite 23 years since South Africa became a democratic state premised on the principles of universal suffrage and the rule of law, the establishment of a big commercial legal firm remained a pipe dream. The landscape is characterised by countless “one man” law firms established by members of historical South Africans HDSAs which have been unable to attract the main-stream commercial legal work. Kwinana Mabuza Nkome Seth Inc (“KMNS”) or the “the firm” has been established by its founding partners to fill that lacuna. Thus, KMNS is the outcome of the amalgamation of a number of sole practitioner law firms with the common and shared value of establishing the biggest black law firm in the country.

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The amalgamated firms are

  • Kwinana & Partners Inc (“KP”)
  • Mabuza Inc (“MI”)
  • Nkome Inc Attorneys (“NI”)
  • Andile Seth Attorneys (“ASA”)
  • MV Gwala Inc (“MVG”)

Over and above the amalgamated firms, true to its founding objective of establishment the biggest black law firm, competent and capable lawyers have also joined KMNS.

Rather unsurprisingly, more than 100 years of collective experience in the commercial, corporate and company law fraternity, a commitment to delivery and attention to detail coupled with thorough understanding of our clients’ legal requirements have produced a law firm that stands head and shoulders above the rest. The firm is widely recognised for our friendly and flexible approach, our rapid turn-around times and exceptionally high ethical standards, a combination that keeps our clients coming back time and time again.

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